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We are Robocean

Robocean is the student start-up mechanising seagrass restoration to improve marine biodiversity and combat climate change. At Robocean, we are pioneering a new generation of subsea robotics capable of engineering entire ecosystems at the touch of a button. Our bespoke remotely operated underwater vehicles will allow conservationists and carbon off-setters alike to scale their environmental impact without occupying a single inch of land. 


Why Seagrass?

Seagrass meadows are some of the most vital habitats on earth. Comprising of sixty different species spanning across six continents, these ecosystems are home to incredible marine biodiversity, comparable to that of coral reefs.  


Seagrass meadows are the 3rd most valuable ecosystem in the world… 

These ecosystems are the lungs of the ocean. Globally, seagrass is responsible for 10% of all organic oceanic carbon storage, despite only covering 0.1% of the seafloor 

Seagrass meadows are the 3rd most valuable ecosystem in the world… 

O = C = O

Captures co2 up to 32 x faster than tropical rainforests 

**biodiversity stat? 

The Problem

In the last century, 98% of British seagrass has been lost due to wealth of human factors. Globally we have lost 1/3rd of all seagrass on earth in the last 100 years.  

Our oceans urgently require large scale seagrass restoration. However current restoration methods are time consuming and resource intensive.  

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