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Turn the tide on climate change

Upscaling seagrass restoration through subsea robotics. 

We are developing innovative subsea solutions to streamline the entire seagrass restoration process from seed to sapling. Our technology will empower scalable and affordable nature-based climate action around the world - it's ecosystem engineering at the touch of a button.

Why seagrass?

Seagrass meadows are highly threatened marine ecosystems which provide essential biodiversity and carbon sequestration services. Unfortunately, restoring seagrass is currently too slow and expensive to outpace the destruction of these ecosystems. 

Our Mission

Robocean will empower seagrass restoration for maximum environmental impact.


Our technologies will enable large-scale seagrass restoration to be performed without current resource intensive limitations.


Our innovative solutions will greatly reduce the cost of seagrass restoration to improve the accessibility of nature-based climate action.

Community Empowerment

Efficiency gains through the use of our robotics will empower coastal stakeholders to do more with less for maximum environmental impact.

Global Impact

Our unique approach to seagrass restoration offers international utility by catering to intertidal and subtidal coastlines.


Our Technology

Revolutionising Seagrass Restoration

Robocean is pioneering a new generation of subsea robotics capable of engineering entire ecosystems at the touch of a button. Our team is developing innovative subsea solutions to enable large-scale seagrass restoration at a fraction of the cost and time of current methods.

By taking a ground-up approach to engineering design, Robocean is solving each of core challenges of seagrass restoration. By accelerating the entire restoration process, Robocean is making seagrass restoration scalable, accessible and affordable.


Why Seagrass?


Over the last century, seagrass meadows have been consistently threatened by range of human factors such as dredging and marine pollution. This pressure has caused an unprecedented rapid decline in global seagrass coverage.


Hectares of seagrass lost every hour


Reduction in global seagrass coverage this century


Global seagrass lost every year

The loss of these ecosystems comes at a great price to the health of our oceans and planet.


Seagrass meadows provide a range of vital ecosystem services including the safeguarding of marine biodiversity and provision oceanic carbon storage. In a time of climate crisis, we cannot afford to lose seagrass meadows and the benefits they bring. 


Faster carbon sequestration than tropical rainforests


World's fisheries supplied by seagrass meadows


World's oceanic carbon sinks stored in seagrass

That's why at Robocean, we are doing everything we can to empower seagrass restoration, rewild our oceans, and turn the tide on climate change. 

How we can help you

Diver at Underwater Cave
Restoration Groups

Empower your restoration projects by implementing our technologies to streamline your workflows, and enable the delivery large-scale environmental impact.

Local Government

Restoring seagrass doesn't just improve the environment, it can also boost fisheries and tourism. Robocean can deliver affordable restoration projects to suit any community need 

Coastal Development

Adding seagrass restoration to coastal development projects can offset associated environmental disruption whilst providing positive  impact to the local communities and ecosystems.

Corporate Impact

Let your business go green by supporting seagrass restoration. Our technology enables us to deliver bespoke seagrass restoration projects  anywhere in the world.

Want to trial our technology?

Whilst our team is hard at work developing the future of seagrass restoration, we are also searching for seagrass restoration partners to trial our innovative systems once available. If you are passionate about restoring seagrass and interested in piloting our technologies, let's collaborate! Reach out to us below and be part of this exciting journey.

Frequently asked questions

Where can your technology be used?

Robocean is designing its robots for both intertidal and subtidal use. We anticipate that they can be used along any coastline where seagrass can grow. 

How can I work with you?

Just get in touch! We are open to talking with anyone and always happy to discuss new opportunities and ideas.

Are you selling your robots?

Unfortunately, Robocean does not intend to sell its robots. Instead, customers will be able to effectively rent our technologies and work with us to deliver restoration projects. 

Are you currently selling seagrass restoration services?

Robocean is not yet offering seagrass restoration services, however we are looking for partners to trial our technology!

Which species do you work with?

Currently, Robocean is designing its technology to primarily support Zostera Marina. we anticipate that our system will have utility for a range of other species of seagrass.

Are you raising investment?

If you are an investor please get in touch and we can discuss future investment opportunities.

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